Cucumber Avocado Rolls


1 Avocado
¼ Cup of Basil Leaves (a small bunch)
1 Clove Garlic
2 teaspoons Lime Juice
¼ teaspoon Salt
1 Tablespoon Nutritional Yeast
Several Grinds of Pepper
1 Cucumber
Smoked or Sweet Paprika for Garnish


These rolls are made of healthy ingredients. You can do it immediately during party. Just prepare mixture of avocado, basil, lemon juice, garlic, pepper before and save it in container.
You will spread it over sliced by peeler cucumber and top with paprika. These rolls will be real jam. Rolls are fresh, moist and unusual. It’s the right solution for improvement your companionship.
Harmful food is not for you. Remember about right ingredients and use of imagination. You can substitute filling with this one you created. Don’t skip experiments. The original meal must be found. Enjoy! It will be finger-licking food! Share these recipes with close people. They will appreciate it.

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