Perfect Spare Ribs

INGREDIENTS: 2 whole spare ribs cut st. louis style
1 cup dry rub
Drip pan filled with water
8 oz hickory chunks
Lump charcoal
Aluminum foil


1. Prepare your cooker for indirect grilling as outlined in post with drip pan

2. When charcoal turns white add foil packet of hickory chunks

3. Place ribs over drip pan

4. Cover and maintain the temperature between 225-250ºf for 3 hours using the bottom and top damper to control airflow

5. Wrap ribs in double lined foil packets. Might need 3-4 packets and stacking a few ribs is ok.

6. Return to grill or oven and cook 2 hours at 225-250ºf.

7. Cook uncovered for an additional 1 hr at 225-250ºf

8. The last 15-20 minutes baste the ribs with your favorite BBQ sauce and place over direct flame on grill (or turn up heat in oven to 400º) being careful that the BBQ sauce does not burn.

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